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Emotional Intelligence

Why Emotional Intelligence Coaching Sydney?

Would you like to boost your resilience and develop a growth mindset?

Improve Communication and Collaboration?

Do you want to be more successful at work?

Do you want to improve your chances of promotion?

Do you want to get on better with your colleagues?

Emotional Intelligence Coaching for your workplace is the single most important factor in job performance and advancement according to Daniel Goleman (EQ Expert).

The interest in emotional intelligence in the workplace stems from the widespread recognition that these abilities – self-awareness, self-management, empathy and social skill – separate the most successful workers and leaders from the average. This is especially true in roles like the professions and higher-level executives, where everyone is about as smart as everyone else, and how people manage themselves and their relationships gives the best and edge.” (Goleman, 2012)


We offer one-day Emotional Intelligence enhancement programs. They are based around the broad principles of emotionally intelligent workplace behaviour, leadership, resilience, employee engagement and mindfulness.

All programs have a duration of one day but could be delivered over two half day sessions contain an introduction to the neuroscience of emotions, emotional intelligence and the Genos model of Emotional Intelligence.

Improve Communication


Increase Productivity

Calm Workplace

Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence Workplace Behaviour Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Selection Report for Recruiting
  • Emotional Intelligence Workplace Behaviour Assessments

The Leadership Series:

  • The Mindful Leader
  • The Resilient Leader
  • The Engaging Leader
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • Ignite-Emotional Intelligence, impact, leadership and resilience skills development