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Mindfulness is about learning to be fully present.

Our 4-week ‘Zen Warrior’ Mindfulness course will help children develop the skills they need to maintain a healthy, happy mind. ​

The Zen Warrior program will present the basics of mindfulness in an easy to understand and playful way. ​

Our warriors will learn: ​

  • How to handle big emotions
  • Improve their ability concentrate
  • Explore their creativity
  • Acts of kindness
  • The power of the mind 

Classes include simple meditations, fun activities and chats relevant to their feelings – all aimed at helping each child flourish naturally. These classes are for 5-8 year and 9-12 year olds. ​

Read Kylie’s experience with Zen Warrior mindfulness classes

‘My seven year old son loved learning to become a Zen Warrior, he now teaches me to count my breathes and the glitter jar sits proudly beside his bed and he shakes the jar whenever he has emotions he cannot name or is feeling anxious. I’m grateful for the simple techniques and sound tracks that I know will support him as he grows and develops. THANK YOU!’Kylie, Birchgrove

Another happy Zen Warrior parent

“Just wanted to share my observations with you. After Zen Warriors these past two weeks Christos has been much more willing to do homework (reading in particular) and has been doing a much better job of it! If only schools would start their day with mindfulness and meditation! “

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Here is a an interview that I did with Kinderling Radio about my Zen Warrior classes for Kids. 

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