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Sales Performance

Optimum Sales Performance Package

Designed for Corporate Sales Professionals, Workshops and groups (25-30 people) Included are pre and post workshop assessments and resources


  • Do some members of your sales team struggle with problems and challenges?
  • Do they find it hard to stay motivated?
  • Can they keep up with the pace and consistency of their working environment?
  • Do they sometimes lack confidence after a rejection?
  • Do they need some help understanding different buying styles?
  • Is attrition a concern for the team?
  • Do they struggle to make well informed decisions?
  • Do they find it hard to manage stress?


Try our customised Optimum Sales performance Workshop Package:

Participants will learn:

  • How to lower stress
  • How to be more resilient and stay focussed
  • How to get in “the zone” and prepared for an important meeting or presentation
  • How to understand your audience be more “Emotionally Intelligent”
  • How to stay motivated
  • How to maintain work/life balance
  • Improve performance

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